Below are some of the tools we use to transfer grain from one area to another. Please get acquainted with some of the items below and then let’s talk.

Hopper Bins – Temporary grain storage



Scale Hopper – Ideal for situations where batch accuracy weighing is essential.



Grist Case – A grist case is a mild steel or stainless vessel that holds the grain after milling.


Grist Case


Chain Disk Conveyor – Have the flexibility to adapt to all types of facilities and have the ability to overcome the performance and reliability constraints of other systems.




Auger (Flex, Straight) – An auger is a long tube with a long spring snaking through it that moves the grain forward through the tube. A flex auger uses PVC tubing and curved sections can be used for those twist and turn.





Bucket Elevator – A bucket elevator can elevate a variety of bulk materials.


Super Sack Unloader – A 2,000 lbs. super sack unloader is a great intermediate step between the labor intensive methods of 50lbs. bags and a 60,000 lbs. silo.