For over forty years Alpha Inc. has been supplying CHORE-TIME® Silos and FLEX-AUGER® Conveying Systems. With a number of innovative features the CHORE-TIME® Silo is the industry standard for excellence and value:

Heavy gauge galvanized steel hopper and legs double caulked on all seams and available in a wide range of sizes.

SPRING-LOCK® Lid provides a positive, spring-aided closing action, yet is easy to open with one hand. When open the lid slides down and out of the way of grain truck’s auger.

40° roof maximizes usable grain storage capacity.

HYDROSHIELD® Weather Guard directs moisture to drip off the bin’s sidewall and eliminates water problems in the boot area.

ACCESS-PLUS® Hopper Access Door permits easy clean out from the ground.


Visual inspection is aided by Lexan transparent bin transitions.

Digital WEIGH-MATIC® Scale System uses temperature-compensated load cells to give highly accurate weights for feed stored in individual bins.

SHAKER-PLATE® Material Flow Control helps the bin feed out consistently and trouble-free. It causes material to slide down the sidewall and hopper in mass flow, constantly cleaning and polishing the inside of the bin.